Yes, Dirty Water Kills

1 in 11 children dies before age five and diarrhea is the leading cause


Deep Springs International is a non-profit organization that provides a solution to the water crisis in Haiti that can be maintained without ongoing subsidy. Using a simple and affordable chlorine system, we empower individuals to provide safe water to their communities as a sustainable business.

Our Mission

To improve life in developing countries by identifying and encouraging the use of affordable water purification systems, teaching the importance of proper household water treatment, and creating new business opportunities for local people.

Our Vision

To improve public health while creating jobs through an integrated and sustainable safe water program that can be scaled throughout under-served communities in developing countries.

“…the most successful community-based household chlorination program worldwide in self-sustaining health promotion”

– The World Health Organization

Our Impact


Haitians earning an income via the Enterprise Model


Estimated lives saved


Haitians currently receiving safe water & monitoring


Total served by Deep Springs to date


Liters of water purified by our efforts

Who We Serve

Within Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, we chose to focus on the RURAL POOR for these reasons:
  • Deaths of kids under 5 years old is 1.7 times greater in rural areas than urban
  • 67% live on  less than $1 / day
  • Sales of bottled water works for the urban middle to upper class, but not for the poor
  • In rural areas, household water treatment is only feasible option for ensuring water  is safe 

How You Can Help