Contributing Writers

Deep Springs would like to thank the following writers who contribute their time and talent through quality articles and other materials for our public communications.  

Thank you for telling the story of clean water in Haiti!

Christina Boyes

Bio: Christina Boyes is a professional copywriter and the co-owner of Rusmexus Writers. She is passionate about Haiti, and completed her MA in cross-cultural conflict in 2011 based on research she conducted following the 2010 earthquake, while volunteering at the University of Fondwa. In addition to Deep Springs International, she maintains close ties with several other groups operating in Haiti, and hopes to one day return to the island to volunteer and work. She speaks some Haitian Kreyol.


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Mary K. Williams

Bio: Mary is Boston-based writer and essayist. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and her work can be found at, Cinema,,, Metronome Magazine and her own blog. Mary has written numerous entertainment reviews of film, books, music and TV, plus many essays on life and pop culture and is currently writing a book, Driving Home from Boston, Twelve Ways to Navigate Crisis. She lives with her husband, two sons, and one entitled cat. 


Linda Wilkinson

Bio: Linda Wilkinson is a professional writer, editor, engagement marketing specialist and owner of Anvaya Communications. She has been writing professionally for 10+ years and has been published in various publications. Linda enjoys contributing to projects that benefit both her local community and the global community. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her husband and son.



Edna Wilson

Bio: Edna has been writing and traveling for several years. After a long hiatus from traveling, she's getting the need to travel and see new places again. Her most recent trip was fly fishing in Evergreen, Colorado with her partner on some incredible water and catching and releasing 30 or so rainbow and brown trout. 


OliveJoy Wolfe

Bio: OliveJoy Wolfe's personal tagline is “I write to make a difference in people’s lives”.

As a copywriter she is passionate about using her creativity to express the feelings and insights her clients want to convey to their readers. OliveJoy's writing includes Fundraising (among other spheres). She subscribes and contributes to several charities (including funds for Haiti) and has been involved in organizing several fund-raising functions. She also works with and supports shelters and food banks in the local communities, and works with churches to provide children with school supplies (Back to School Drives). 

Do let her writing help you make a difference in your world. 


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